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Qingdao Nightlife



To young people, one thing that should not be missed is the bar life. The Qingdao entertainment district is located in the downtown area of the east part and the Stone Old Man (Shi Lao Ren) Tourism Holiday area. Although the nightlife here is becoming more active every year, it is more subdued than in other major cities.

The Honolulu Club, on the first floor of Huiquan Dynasty Hotel, No. 9, Nanhai Road. It is a famous pub in the city that deserves a try.

 Freeman Coffee House, No. 38, Hubei Road, Shinan District
A coffee house in the old city area, it is decorated with antiques, such as an American wireless radio from the 1940s, Irish copper coffee pots, a shabby straw-hat-shaped lampshade, and the graffiti left by customers. All these decorations remind one of a street corner in a European city.

 Music Kitchen: No. 5, Hong Kong Middle Road
The Music Kitchen Bar is a three-story building. Here you can watch the stars from the roof. Pizza is the most popular food at the Music Kitchen. They also feature various salads such as Thai eggplant salad and French sweet pepper salad. There's nothing better than pizza with salad!

 JFK Bar: No. 2, Zhanghua Road
The bar is actually located in the Sea View Garden Hotel and is named after former-American president John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It is an American-style bar that takes patrons back to the Kennedy era.

There is also a bar street, Yan'er Dao Road, which has loads of bars and has now been extended to First Zhangzhou Road and Minjiang Road. Give this street a try!

Besides bars and pubs, Qingdao offers other types of entertainment, too.

 Hailedi KTV: With fashionable and deluxe decorations, the KTV house attracts a large number of customers. It has its own pub, supermarket, and nearly 50 small rooms for private entertaining.
Location: No. 109, Jiangxi Road

The Feeling Club is the largest disco club in Qingdao and it is the hottest place among young people.
Location: Building D, Hong Kong Garden Square, Hong Kong Middle Road

 Night Market
Qingdao's nightlife ends a little earlier than some other coastal cities in China. So does the night market. At about 10 pm each night, the night market closes. So if you like to wander through the night market, please go there early. Those on Yan'an Er Lu and Taidong Pedestrian Street are recommended.

 Beer Street
Located in the Dengzhou Road of Shibei (north of the city) District, the street features beer from all over the world. The beer street starts from the Yan'an Er Lu at the east and ends at the Guangrao Road at the west.

 The Cinema
The Huiquan underground cinema is highly recommended. This cinema is near the seaside with very good facilities. Inside the cinema are the famous Korean BBQ restaurant, Tudari, and also a KFC.

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