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Individual Income Tax For foreign Employees 2015/12/22    
  For foreigners working in China, determining the applicability of individual income tax to one...  
Issuance of the certificate of bonus points for admission to higher schools for returned overseas Chinese students, children of returned overseas Chinese and children of overseas Chinese 2015/11/17    
  I. Qualifications for acceptance (1)Returned overseas Chinese students, who settled down ab...  
Handling of identity card of returned overseas Chinese and their family members 2015/11/17    
  1. Application materials There're recording materials of birth, life or work abroad in the ...  
Identity authentication of returned overseas Chinese and their family members 2015/11/17    
  1. Qualifications for acceptance A returned overseas Chinese is an overseas Chinese who ret...  
Identity authentication of children of overseas Chinese who returned to Qingdao for school attendance 2015/11/17    
  . Qualifications for acceptance Children of overseas Chinese (children of the right age of Ch...  
Divorce Registration between Qingdao Residents and Foreigners, Overseas Chinese or Residents from Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan 2015/11/16    
  I. Qualifications for acceptance 1. The two parties concerned are legal couple; 2. The two p...  
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