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A Rizhao delegation visits Qingdao 2018/5/8    
  A delegation headed by Qi Jiabin, mayor of Rizhao, visited Qingdao on May 5, 2018. His counter...  
Dayang Yihao returns to Qingdao after 2018 ocean expedition 2018/5/4    
  Dayang Yihao (Ocean No 1) returned to its home port in Qingdao on May 3, 2018 after a 45-day s...  
Meng Fanli inspects work at Qingdao Hi-tech Zone 2018/5/2    
  Meng Fanli, mayor of Qingdao and deputy Party chief of Qingdao, visited Qingdao Hi-tech Zone ...  
Live: Historic meeting between Moon and Kim 2018/4/27    
China vows to promote sustainable development of Arctic 2018/1/26    
  As an important stakeholder, China will participate in Arctic affairs in accordance with the b...  
Space agency to pick those with the right stuff 2018/1/22    
  China will begin its selection process this year for the next generation of astronauts who wil...  
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A Rizhao delegation vi 5/8
Dayang Yihao returns t 5/4
Meng Fanli inspects wo 5/2
Live: Historic meeting 4/27
China vows to promote 1/26
Space agency to pick t 1/22

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